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Message from the rector


Welcome to the website of Gorno-Altaisk State University! Our university has a glorious history. Founded in 1949 as Gorno-Altaisk Teachers’ Institute, it has a unique past, is proud of the present, and looks into the future with confidence!

The main goal of the university has always been the training of highly qualified and competitive professionals who know and love their job, who are able to make competent decisions in any circumstances. The mission of Gorno-Altaisk State University is to preserve and develop traditions, create a new history of the university, fulfill the tasks which the team of teachers and students face in modern conditions, educate patriots, as well as people with an active civic engagement.

Being the only establishment of higher education in the Republic of Altai, our university is called upon to become a center for generating ideas for the development of the region, creating network interaction with the system of secondary vocational education, ministries and departments of the government of the republic, heads of the city and municipalities.

More than 3 thousand students, including foreign citizens, study at GASU. University graduates make a significant contribution to solving the socio-economic problems of the Altai Republic and Russia. They work in all sectors: education, economics, jurisprudence – many of them have become political, scientific and public figures, representing their alma mater with dignity.

More than 150 professors work at the university, over 80% of them have academic degrees and titles. In today's world, a decisive role is played by professionals, i.e. knowledgeable people dedicated to their work.

Our graduates should be in demand on the labor market, and a university diploma should provide ample opportunities for employment and professional growth. And so it certainly will be!

Natalia Guselnikova

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