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Gorno-Altaisk State University is a leading scientific center of the Altai Republic. Its interdisciplinary research activities are mainly focused on 6 key themes:

  • Studying, conserving, and reviving tangible and intangible heritage of peoples of Altai and its neighbouring territories;

  • Studying the influence of climate change, manifestation of adverse natural conditions, and human impact on socio-, bio-, and geosystems of Altai;

  • Sustainable wildlife management and biodiversity conservation;

  • Assisting in the social and economic prosperity of the Greater Altai region through sustainable development of agriculture, alternative energy, and ecological tourism;

  • Complex geophysical research in the territory of the Altai Republic;

  • Complex research in the field of mathematics, electronics, programming, and information technologies.

Research centers and laboratories

Laboratory of Communication Research and Linguistic Expertise

Laboratory of Robotics

Laboratory of Ecological Genetics and Plant Selection

Research laboratory “Altaian Philology”

Research Laboratory of Anthropology

Research Laboratory of Mapping Natural Conditions and Resources

Laboratory of Biological Monitoring

Research Laboratory of Geophysics

Research Laboratory “Innovative Educational Technologies”

Research Laboratory for the Complex Study of History and Culture of Indigenous Peoples of Southern Siberia

Science Research Laboratory of Sociology

Science Research Laboratory of Ecology of Arid Territories

Research Centre of History and Culture of Turkic Peoples

Centre for Strategic Research

Veterinary Clinic

Educational-Academic Chair of Sustainable Development of Mountain Territories

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