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Today, Gorno-Altaisk State University has a good sports complex intended for health-improvement and training, as well as for holding competitions in various kinds of sports.   

There are 14 sport sections for GASU students and faculty: volleyball, basketball, table tennis, chess, mini-football, kettlebell lifting sport, rafting, rowing slalom, artistic gymnastics, fitness, Greco-Roman wrestling, swimming, mountain skiing, cross-country skiing, and polyathlon.

The University is very proud of its skiers, wrestlers, volleyball players, track and field athletes, and rafters. The GASU Rafting Team is one of the best in the world. More than once it has won and taken prize-winning places in World and European Championships.

Being situated in one of the most picturesque regions, GASU makes it best to use this opportunity for involving its students and staff into numerous outdoor activities. Two tourist clubs “Horizon” and “Russian extreme” actively work at the university. Their participants make fascinating trips to the most remote corners of the Altai Republic.

 For those who wish to become strong, dexterous, and skilful, to study military science, basics of martial arts, and secrets of survival in extreme conditions, the youth military-patriotic club “BARS” (“Fighting Army System”) is available at the university.


Tourist club “Horizon” was founded in 1967 by Vladimir Neustroev and his wife Liya and became the main centre for sports tourism development in Gornyi Altai.  Every year not only current students, but also GASU graduates take part in breathtaking trips.

It the beginning, the newcomers learn the basics of tourism: safety rules, first aid procedures, reading maps, etc. With time and practice they increase their skills, and finally become professional tourists able to overcome long distances on foot or skis, slip in tents even in winter, make fire in extreme weather conditions and cook delicious food on it. In the trips they also learn to communicate, to be patient, and to help each other. They get lots of new information about the nature of the area and learn how to avoid damaging the environment while travelling.

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